Exhaust band clamp vs u bolt

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Exhaust band clamp vs u bolt

The exhaust system is one of the important factors that define the performance and working life of the engine. An exhaust system consists of some components arranged together to give the best performance and ensure no exhaust leakage.

We will, therefore, talk about exhaust clamp vs. We shall also cover the most common ways of setting a good exhaust by either welding the components together or using exhaust band clamp, giving the advantages and disadvantages of the same. Exhaust clamps are metal clamps designed to fit around the exhaust pipe.

They are used to hold and seal exhaust, muffler components while mounting to the undercarriage of the vehicle and also ensure that there are no escaped fumes. The major types of exhaust band clamp are ball and socket, flat band, and V-band clamps.

Each of them has its use in your exhaust system. There is more than one type of the band clamps on your factory basic kit.

5 Best Exhaust Clamps – Reviews and Buying Guide [2020]

Each of the exhaust clamp bands has its diameter that suits its usage. Additionally, mild steel construction provides durability and longevity. Checking the state of your exhaust clamps is mandatory. In case during your checks, you notice that the exhaust pipe is loose, make sure to have it checked by a professional immediately.

Secondly, when the sound of your car becomes quite noisy, it could be because the exhaust clamps have begun to break or are already broken. In this case, repairing the exhaust clamps is not possible. Instead, you should tighten the exhaust clamps regularly or replace them immediately after you notice that they have a problem.

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Welding an exhaust means sticking exhaust parts together using various techniques, ensuring a fully sealed exhaust. There are many ways to weld an exhaust, and below are some of them:. TIG welding has played an important role in the automotive field. It is an arc welding technique that uses a non-consumable electrode usually made from tungsten. This technique needs one to have tremendous skill since it is applied manually.

TIG can be applied to all weldable metals. It is mostly useful with alloys such as stainless steel.This article may contain affiliate links. For details, visit our Affiliate Disclosure page. Pipes in exhaust systems, in any vehicle, are usually welded together. However, in some cases, exhaust clamps will still be found connecting those pipes together, especially when the pipes have been changed to the aftermarket ones.

Here, exhaust clamps simply just serve one purpose, as its name, that is to hold different components together. Despite its uncomplicated function, exhaust clamps play quite an important role in the system. Without it, exhaust fumes can escape, which is extremely dangerous.

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Thus, take your exhaust clamps seriously! After a few general introductions to exhaust clamps, with all the general information needed about it, let us take you to a list of 5 best exhaust clamps in the market. On the other hand, this clamp is sworn by many customers for its sturdy construction.

Beefy, it works like a champ. Made from aluminized coated steel, this U-bolt clamp from Exhaust-Mate is good for heavy-duty pipework. No leak involved! Moreover, the coated helps the clamps refrain from corrosion well.

Band clamps are popular for its ease of instalment, as well as its ability to keep the pipes as its original state. Likewise, this band clamps from Evil Energy is a perfect option if you wanna keep your exhaust tubes for long time use. On the other hand, this band clamp is also designed to distribute the compressing force evenly on the pipes joint, preserving the shape of those pipes, and preventing exhaust gas to be leaked.

Another U-bolt clamp, from another manufacturer, Amaam. This clamp is perfectly shaped to welded the pipes without any slops. Besides, this clamp is made from tough material and anti-rust coating. On an extra note, the screw threads at both ends stick out beyond the nut, leaving space for other things to be installed if needed. This band clamp comes handy for anyone who wants to fix their exhaust system without any hassles. It provides a degree blocking to let the pipes is not distorted or damaged while still ensure no leaking happens.

Exhaust clamps come in a variety of shapes and designs, or even sizes, allowing them to support different kinds of exhaust pipes.

Here are some most popular clamp types in the market. Just like how it is named, U-Bolt clamp is basically a clamp shaped as letter U, with screw threads on both ends. Primarily used in almost all pipework, this is probably the most popular type of clamps.

With its standard shape, you just need to twist the clamps tight enough so that the tubes are crimped, avoiding any chances of leaking. Nevertheless, by the same way of compressing, it usually either crushes the pipes or locks those together forever. This clamp is a bit more special for its designs. It includes a round-ball end that could fit inside a pipe-end flared socket. The two are then compressed together by a two-bolt or three-bolt ring on either side of the joint.

Although this type of clamp is reusable, it is not really popular in the exhaust clamps market. This kind of clamps came in two forms. One is a pre-made ring, ready to use. The other one is a flat strap that allowed you to wrap it around the pipe joint, and bend to lock it.

Both of these types create a perfect seal for the two pipes, and still even allowing users to adjust the angle of the pipes for best fitted application. Band clamps usually come in a variety of sizes, offering a good cover for any sizes of pipes.

Easily to be installed, comparably cheap, and leaving the pipes reusable after removed, band clamps are also a good choice other than U-bolt. With a built-in angled groove connecting the flanges of the exhaust system housing and the pipes, V-band clamps are typically used for the turbo exhaust system.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Standard Din Ansi Iso Gb. Material Steel Stainless Steel. Finish Zinc Plain Black.


Measurement system Metric Inch. Standard or Nonstandard Standard Nonstandard. Contact Supplier. Customized u shape bolt exhaust hose clamp. Galvanized auto U bolt exhaust pipe clamp. Stainless steel u bolt saddle u - bolt pipe clamp.

Heavy duty exhaust u bolt muffler clamp. Heavy duty stainless steel U bolt clamp muffler Exhaust pipe clamp for car. U Bolt Exhaust Pipe Clamp. High Quality exhaust flexible pipe U Shaped bolt Clamp.

Heavy duty exhaust U bolt clamp for automotive. S addle- type substrate offers more reliable and stronger for applications. Ian factory type of exhaust sleeve clamp u bolt exhaust clamp.Selecting the correct clamp for your exhaust system.

Trying to find which exhaust clamp you need? Choosing between an exhaust band clamp, u-bolt exhaust clamp, or V band exhaust clamp can be confusing.

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Whether you are repairing or replacing your exhaust system, at some point in time you are going to need exhaust clamps. This short guide should help you decide which clamp is right for you. Exhaust Band Clamp- The best way to connect two exhaust pipes.

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The band clamp is designed to "stretch" around the two pipes, creating an excellent seal. These clamps are available in most sizes, and normally come in one of two designs.

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The best design has a block between the ends of the clamp, you just tighten the clamp until it bottoms out on the block and you are done. The cheaper clamps have a piece of foil that you install between the ends of the clamp before it is totally tight to seal the clamp joint. These clamps come in aluminum or stainless steel, so make sure you order the style that best suits your needs. U-bolt Exhaust Clamp- A very standard and cost effective clamp.

Exhaust Clamps VS Welding: Key Differences Explained

The u-bolt clamp is designed to "crimp" the pipe when tightened to create the seal. These clamps normally break when you remove them if they have been on the exhaust system for a while, so it is best to not plan on reusing them.

One strong point of the U-bolt clamp is that oftentimes after the clamp is tight, you can use the excess threads to fasten to a bracket to support the exhaust system. The groove is designed to "seat" around the flange on the turbo exhaust housing and the flange on the exhaust pipe. Although many universal V Band Exhaust Clamps are available, they are different in design. The most obvious difference is the diameter. Measure the flange on your exhaust pipe to get the correct size.

Another difference is the width and angle of the groove. Most times, if your diameter and groove width on the new clamp are correct, the angle will be fine.Login or Sign Up.

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exhaust band clamp vs u bolt

Welding vs clampsAM. So, welding the exhaust system is better in trucks than using band clamps. But what are the chances of having holes in the exhaust system?

Tags: None. Welding vs clamps I have not heard that before. What kind of trucks are you talking about? I have never seen exhaust welded on big trucks class six and higher the band clamps hold just fine. I personally do not weld unless other options couldn't accommodate. Comment Post Cancel. My jeep is welded together. That is a good thing because with my little 35" tire the exhaust takes a beating.

I would have surely ripped the clamps apart by now. It works great. I haven't had any issues from the turbo to the exhaust tip. Also, it is easy to change, modify or replace in my driveway. So, moral of the story: application is important. If you can weld, you won't have holes in your exhaust. If your a hack welder, well then that is a completely different story Clamps are better for several reasons. They're engineered for this use, so they're not going to break.

And good clamps are reusable indefinitely. Even if you weren't talking about a beater Jeep, it still happens just from 15' of steel going from F to F.I will also describe what welding is and the different kinds of welding. Not to mention, I will also give my opinion on the exhaust clamps vs welding debate. In the purest form, an exhaust clamp is nothing but a metal object that is used to hold and firmly fasten the exhaust, muffler parts.

exhaust band clamp vs u bolt

You fit an exhaust clamp around the exhaust pipe. A band clamp is considered to be the most useful type of exhaust clamp. It can be either a flat metal strap or ring-shaped. In terms of usability and sizes, the band clamp offers the most versatility among all other types. U-bolt clamp is the most commonly used exhaust clamp among the users. A lot of factory exhaust systems and aftermarket exhaust systems use this type of clamp.

You can adjust this clamp to various sizes of pipes. One of the drawbacks of this clamp is, you will be troubled when you will try to apart the exhaust parts later. V-band clamp is the most expensive type of clamps and mostly used by the high-end car owners for their turbo exhaust systems. This type of clamp consists of two interlocking rings that you will weld to the pipe. Then the outer ring is put on those two rings to let them stay together and make an excellent leak-free seal.

In the purest form, welding is a procedure of joining two pieces of metals with each other to make them a single part. You basically heat two metals to their melting points, and you add a filler metal in between the two metals. Adding this filler metal helps to make a strong bond between the two pieces together. You will want to use a welding machine to do all these apply the heat and adding filler metal.

So, basically, TIG welding is an arc welding process. Here, you need a gas supply, a DC power supply, a tungsten electrode with an electrode holder, and the workpiece. First, connect the workpiece with the positive end of the DC power supply, and then connect the negative power supply with the tungsten electrode holder handle.

Connect the gas supply with the electrode holder handle too. Now, when you turn on the DC power supply, the tungsten electrode will get a negative charge, and the workpiece will get a positive charge. The inert gas supply then passes the gas at the tip of the electrode to seal the arc from the outside air. Eventually, it will help to make a strong welding joint. Here are some differences —.

exhaust band clamp vs u bolt

Know more differences here. Here a rod-shaped metal electrode covered with a flux material is used as an electrode. You need a metal table to keep the workpieces on it, a coated electrode with an electrode holder, one DC generator, two electric cables.

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You will use a gripper that will be attached to the metal table. You will connect this gripper with the power supply through an electric cable. Consider the electrode is getting a negative charge, and the workpiece is getting a positive charge through the gripper. If you use the AC supply or a rectifier, then you can always change the polarity based on your needs. Once you turn on the power supply and touch the electrode with the workpiece, it will create an electric arc. The arc melts both metals in the electrode and the metal in the workpieces.

The ore from the electrode is called the filler metal here. The flux coating of the electrode will work as a gas shield protection in this case to make the joint stronger.An exhaust clamp is a crucial component in the automobile sector. Also, it has a vast application in the sewer pipe system.

Its primary purpose is joining two different pipes perfectly. In a word, it is a great connector. Also, it works as an excellent stabilizer.

However, in this content, we will discuss the best exhaust clams that come in super effectiveness. About the item:.

This model is long enough and usable for various purposes 3 inches clamp. The manufacturer used high-quality stainless steel with advanced formula. The most significant test is it passed the OE specification standard. Also, the manufacturer made a salt spray experiment. Finally, they decided that the product is highly corrosion-proof. And the exciting part is you can use it for multifunctional purposes. This kit is highly applicable for:.

Another fact is it comes with a beautiful carton package. That means it is easy to store. Moreover, you can adjust it easily with any pipes. Size: 3 inches B. Item Weight: Product Dimensions: 6. Folding: No G. Shipping Weight: Flexible setting B.

V-Band V.S. Slip On Exhaust Clamps - AskDap

Friendly performance C. Relatively reasonable D. Easy to store E. Long life span.

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This model is another steel-based durable exhaust clamp. It is incredibly corrosion-proof and has a high grade of stability. You can use it for different types of welded materials. Even, for plastic pipes. The kit is pretty adjustable and free from hassle problem. Moreover, it can hold sternly and works as a great collector. Overall, it conforms leaks-free joining and comes in universal application.

Size: 4. Great connector and tight seal B. Universal performance C. Reliable and long life span D. Easy to fix. Aluminum is comparatively light in weight than other metals.


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