Sailor 1911

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Sailor 1911

Thank you for your support! Sailor is following up the baby blue of the Fresca with an elegant gray color that represents the icon of the Japanese pen manufacturer. With two different pen sizes and seven nib sizes, we figured it might be helpful to give you a walkthrough of the to clear up any burning questions you may have.

Well, there is good reason for all the fuss! The model is a classic, cigar-shape profile that bears resemblance to the Montblanc Meisterstuck without the snowflake on the cap finial. The pen is crafted from resin through-and-through, giving the pen a light weight in-hand. Depending on the color of the resin, the trims are either gold or silver rhodium.

Pen Review: Sailor 1911 Large

Both ink cartridge and converter are provided with the purchase of any new Sailor to provide the writer with both options. In the case of the North American exclusive Anchor Gray and the previous Fresca Blue editions, the trim and nib are coated in Rhodium trims to match the pastel-like tone of the resin.

The is available in two sizes: standard and large. Besides the length and girth difference, the most significant upgrade is in the nib.

The Large or L is fitted with a 21kt gold nib. The higher gold purity in the Large model provides a slightly softer, more responsive writing experience. Length Capped : 5. Take a hands-on look to see how the Standard and Large match up with one another in our video comparison below. In the video, Tom uses a Pelikan M to compare against the Standard. Hopefully, this would help in establishing a point of reference for those who are unfamiliar with the Sailor brand.

As with any Sailor fountain pen, the main attraction is the NIB. The Japanese pen maker is dedicated to the finely crafted art of writing. Each nib is given the proper attention to ensure that writing quality is consistent and exceeding expectations.

Seven different types of nibs are available standard. With many pen manufacturers paring down their nib selection to choices usually fine, medium or broadit might seem a little intimidating that you would have to choose between 7 possible nibs. Hopefully, we can shed some light on the subject so you would be able to make an informed decision on which nib is "write" for you.

In general, Japanese nibs tend to run thinner than their Western counterparts. With that being said, Sailor offers extra-fine, fine, medium-fine, medium, broad, music, and zoom nibs.

Watch our nib comparison video below to see these nibs in action and compared with some Western-style nibs to see the subtle differences in line width. Approximately, this is what you could expect from a Sailor nib if you are familiar with Western nibs:. The extra-fine size is so thin, it does not have any Western analog. The Zoom is also a unique offering, as it lays down a different line width based on the angle that the nib touches the paper.

Writing at an acute angle produces the thickest, wettest line possible, which is thicker than the Sailor broad.

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Writing at an angle that is perpendicular to the page will yield a line of medium thickness. The Music nib is not a traditional, three-tined music nib. Although the original intention of the Music nib is to write music, most writers who opt to own one of these pens seldom use it for that purpose. The shape of the nib instantly gives your handwriting a flair of line variation it did not have previously.

The nib performs beautifully upside down as well, laying down a drier, thinner line for more concise writing.

Some comments you may read online about Sailor nibs characterize them as having "feedback" or being "scratchy. So, if you love a nib that glides across the page like glass, then you may want to reconsider investing in a Sailor. Also keep in mind that the feedback is going to be more noticeable with the finer point nib sizes.

Many new writers ask if the upgrade to a higher degree of gold content is worth the additional expense. Without being able to handle both the 14kt and the 21kt, it's going to be hard to make that determination.I only have one Sailor pen this one. I should just accept it, empty out my K, and go on a Sailor buying spree.

sailor 1911

Carry on. Profitthe Large, and the King of Pen which comes with a huge jump in price over the other two sizes. For some reason, Japanese manufacturers often stick with traditional designs and put most of the focus on their nibs.

sailor 1911

The which, by the way, is the year Sailor was founded is a small, lightweight pen made mostly of plastic. The section is fairly short and tapers from the barrel down to the nib, where it flares out a bit into a wider lip. The gold-colored clip is wider where it attaches at the finial, and quickly tapers to a narrower strip with a rounded-off end. A nice design element of the clip is the raised, steppe-shaped surface down the center of the clip. It adds a bit of fancy without being gaudy.

Montblanc 146 vs Sailor 1911 full size

It is an impressive nib, if not a little busy. This would all probably look a little nicer on a larger nib, or if they removed the redundant to create more white space. The fit is perfect, and the finish mostly so. The converter is a treat! No complaints here. The Sailor writes every time, all the time. I have yet to experience any hard starts or skips.

I think a lot of this is due to the converter, which has a wide opening for ink to enter the feed channel. No complaints here, either. The is super light and the section diameter works really well with my hand. I believe I could use this pen all day without any trouble. Click the image below to enlarge. I did find that if I lowered the angle of the pen to the paper, that the nib seemed a lot smoother. If this pen was less expensive, I could forgive the small details I pointed out.

Is that an oxymoron? Yeah, I like that one. Fantastic review!! Makes comparisons among pens much easier. Thank you. Thank you for reading, Woody! I started with a Pro Gear Slim to save some bucks I guess and though I loved the nib Mthe pen was too short for extended sessions and maybe the section was too narrow?The Full-Size Black Gold also known as the Large in some markets is one of Sailor's most popular writing instruments.

If choosing between the two, here's a simple way to decide: if you wear a watch, what color is the metal? If you wear jewelry, what metal do you tend to gravitate toward?

sailor 1911

If the answer is gold, you may wish to choose the Full-Size in Black with gold trim to match your preferences. Unless requested otherwise, each pen you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before we send it to you. Skip to main content. Free Shipping. Need help? Need Help? Sailor Full-Size Black Gold enlarge. Any nibs marked " back order " are currently out-of-stock. To receive an in-stock pen sooner, please choose an in-stock nib.

Nib Customization optional About Nib Customizations. Please select a Nib. In Stock - usually ships in business days. Free nib set-up and optimization included. There are currently no reviews for this product.

Sailor nibs have gained a deserved reputation for amazing quality control, smoothness and top ink-flow characteristics. The larger sizes of Sailor 21k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, or Left Oblique. Ready to buy? Share it.

Related Products. Sailor Full-Size Black Silver. Nakaya Portable Writer Kuro-roiro. Instagram Facebook Pinterest.This was a very hard review for me to write, and it's been in the works for quite some time.

But while I enjoy the build quality, the "blacked out" color scheme, and the excellent all-around writing experience that this pen offers, I do believe that it's priced too high, at least in the U.

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I've reviewed the regular Sailor Large beforeand as I observed in my previous review, to the untrained eye this pen would be a dead-ringer for a Montblanc without the Snowcap and piston-filler, of course. The Black Luster, however, does have some significant differences, featuring black ion-plated trim on the clip, cap band, and barrel. It also has a metal ion-plated section, which gives the pen a totally different feel in-hand.

It's front-weighted, which when paired with the somewhat softer ion-plated nib discussed further belowmakes for a comfortable writing experience without throwing off the balance. Ordinarily I'm not the biggest fan of pens with metal sections, but something about this one is different. Perhaps the ion plating gives it a slightly "grippier" texture? For whatever reason, I haven't had any issues with the section slipping out of my fingers.

Like most Sailor nibs, this Hard Fine or H-F was an exceptional writer straight out of the box, and wrote a very fine, yet still wet, line. They're not flexible, or even close to semi-flex, but they have a bit more cushion and write a slightly wetter line than the hard-as-a-nail H-F or H-M non-plated nibs.

The Sailor Black Luster is one of those pens that falls victim to Sailor's strange pricing differences between the U. While Sailor always prices their "blacked out" pens higher than their other models, here the U. To make things even more difficult for U. Note: I'm not going to link to any specific eBay sellers here, because I haven't put any serious effort into vetting specific individual sellers and any eBay purchase should be made only if one is well-aware of the risks i.

While the ion-plated nib and section obviously adds some cost to the pen, the total price strikes me as a bit steep. That said, I much prefer the balance and the nib of the Black Luster over the Montblanc Meisterstuck Ultra Black, and the pricing on the Black Luster compares favorably to the Montblanc.

Disclaimer: I purchased the pen featured in this review with my own funds, for my own collection. This post contains affiliate links. Any discussion of pricing and availability is current as of the time of publication of this review.

Design and Build Quality. Nib and Writing Experience Like most Sailor nibs, this Hard Fine or H-F was an exceptional writer straight out of the box, and wrote a very fine, yet still wet, line.

The scrollwork on the Sailor nibs looks especially nice on the black ion-plating.According to the Sailor website, this is the only Realo model available with anything other than gold trim.

There are Realo Pro Gear pens, just not with silver trim. The Large Realo is a traditional, tapered pen with silver trim. The nib is 21k rhodium plated. I picked a medium-fine as my nib size. Sailor nibs run thin as do all Japanese nibs, and this one is thinner than many of my European fine nibs.

The pen itself is made of a classic black resin. Like the Pelikan M that arrived at the same time, it has a window to view the ink level. Unlike the M, the ink window is visible when the pen is capped. This medium-fine is two steps above that, making it an excellent all-around nib for me.

My hand gets more fatigued with a light pen than it does with a heavier pen. The ink flows so smoothly from the Sailor nib that I can use a light touch and let the weight of the pen do all the work of keeping the nib on the paper.

I did experiment with posting the cap, but the benefit of the added weight is outweighed by the discomfort I have using a posted pen. My benchmark is that I have to stand and stretch my legs before I have to put the pen down to rest. To inaugurate the pen I picked Iroshizuku Funyu-Syogun ink. Iroshizuku inks are well-behaved and Fuyu-Syogun was my favorite ink at one time.

I filled the pen when it arrived in early February, and it went dry as I was writing the draft of this post. Still, once the novelty of a Sailor piston filler rubs off, it may go the way of my my other Sailor s. Only time will tell. This indicates it may have a hard time achieving core-pen status. You are commenting using your WordPress.Sailor Standard Fountain Pens.

About FAQs Reviews. Buy the Sailor Standard Fountain Pens for less. Pen Chalet is an authorized Sailor dealer and all of our products including the Standard by Sailor are guaranteed to be new and authentic. The Sailor standard fountain pen comes a 14K nib, an ink converter and an ink cartridge.

Sailor 1911 Full-Size Black Gold

Product Specifications Length: 5. It comes in a blue faux leather box with the Sailor logo printed in gold on top. It also has a thin gold line running around the outside of the box.

The top of the is hinged. On the underside of the box top is the Sailor logo printed in gold once again. This is the transparent version of Standard Fountain Pen. It comes with gold accents, we have a small gold ring on the bottom of the barrel and a nice thick gold band around the center of the pen, or bottom of the cap.

On that band engraved is Sailor Japan founded in There is a matching gold clip that has a few grooves running through the clip, and a thin gold band around the top of the cap as well. Because it's the transparent version of the pen you can see through the cap and see the nib. You would also be able to see the ink if there was an ink cartridge or converter on this pen. The top of the cap is threaded, so you unscrew to remove the cap.

sailor 1911

It's decent size in my hand, a little small. If you'd like to post the pen for a little bit larger pen in your hand you can do that as well. This pen comes with a 14k gold nib. Printed on the nib is with the Sailor anchor logo, 14k gold, nib size, and a few other decorative etchings around the nib. To replace the ink or the refill on this pen we simply unscrew that nib section from the barrel, then we insert either a cartridge or ink converter into that nib section of the barrel, and then we can screw it all back together.

Included with this pen under the false bottom of the box we have the writing instructions for the pen from Sailor as well as two ink cartridges and one ink converter. This pen you can use bottled inks or cartridges ink, whatever you prefer. Sailor is a Japanese brand, they make some excellent nibs.

This has a 14k gold nib so it writes really smooth. Sailor Standard Reviews quality: function: style: value:. Overall rating: 4.

Sailor 1911

Pen Chalet service is the best. One always receive what is advertised and custumer bservice personnel is also the best and always solve any situation, if any. I thought it would be a bigger pen. When it is posted, it is exceptional. This is a great pen. When I buy another, it will be the bigger size.Sailor Fountain Pen Looking for some excitement in your fountain pen writing? Nagahara, the revered master nib-maker at Sailor. The resin barrel and responsive nib make the M fountain pen perfect for improving the look of your everyday cursive writing.

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The Sailor Medium fountain pen is a classic design in high-quality resin with gold-plated trim and clip, with a 14K nib. You will be hard-pressed to find nibs this smooth and responsive! In addition to regular writing nibs, Sailor offers the unique Music nib. Originally created for composers, the Music nib is like an italic point with smooth edges - up and down strokes are thick, while the side strokes are thinner.

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This excellent fountain pen uses cartridge or converter fills. Nagahara Made with high-quality resin Gold-plated trim and clip accents Available with the unique Music nib.

We're here to pick, pack and ship your order! Montblanc Caran d Ache Cross Pens. Pelikan Waterman Pens. Retro 51 View All brands. Clearance Fine Pens. Clearance Pen Refills and Ink. Clearance Desk Accessories. Clearance Luxury Gifts. Fahrney's Pens. Please make your selection to personalize this item.

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